Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How To Prevent Erection Failures

If you observe that erection failures occur more frequently, probably, you are waiting too much from yourself or you are trying to make sex in an inappropriate place. Check below ways to reduce to minimum these failures. Most important thing is that these tips would help to avoid anxiety which leads to a serious long-term problems.

 - Make sex only when you are disposed to it.

 - Admit that you are a human and not a machine. Your feelings and sexual performance not necessarily should be equal. Sometimes you are in condition of greater readiness and sometimes you need an additional stimulation. You should say this to your partner.

 - Avoid accidental partners, at least until you acquire self-confidence. You will trouble less and work better if you would create steady relationships with a partner whose reactions you know and whom you may trust.

 - Do not judge your quality observing condition of your penis. Mutual satisfaction may be achieved without sexual intercourse, though during physical contact erection may occur without your conscious participation.

- If you cannot achieve erection or it disappeared before sexual intercourse or during it, you should not get upset. Explain to your partner what has happened. “Probably, I am very tired today. Let us try tomorrow in the morning.” Do not feel yourself guilty and assure your partner that there is no his guilt in that. Most important is not to withdraw physically and mentally from each other only because this time you cannot achieve erection for performing sexual intercourse. Stay close with your partner by any means except sex. If you like to be together, no matter if you have erection or not, you will be less anxious the next time when experiencing erection failure.

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